Sidewalk Improvement Program

Repaired sidewalks in front of Beatrice residence

The City of Beatrice offers a Sidewalk Improvement Program to assist in repairing hazardous sidewalks and provide for the installation of new sidewalks in areas currently without them.  Property owners may submit an application, which can be found below, for consideration to the Community Development Department. 

Why did the City begin this program?

Sidewalks are a very important means of travel for our citizens. The City began this program in order to improve defective sidewalks, encourage the installation of new sidewalks, and maintain property values throughout the City.

I thought the City took care of sidewalks. Why do I have to pay for it?

Sidewalks in Beatrice are the responsibility of the property owner. The City does not maintain sidewalks adjacent to private property and/or along a public street.

Is the City making money off this program?

No. The City is using tax dollars in order to improve the City’s safety and increase property values. Any interest earned off of the loans made through this program will be reinvested into the program for future use.

What happens if I don’t repair my sidewalk?

Failure to repair your sidewalk may lead to the City’s Community Development Department issuing you a notice and requiring you to make the necessary repairs. The goal of this program is not code enforcement, but to eliminate hazardous sidewalks and provide property owners with means to correct the hazard.

What happens if I don’t install my sidewalk?

The Community Development Department may require you to install sidewalks if your property has curb and gutter and is improved. Once again, it is not the goal of this program to be code enforcement, but to provide property owners with means to install sidewalks.

What if the existing sidewalk is brick and in need of repair? Can it be repaired with brick or is concrete required?

The property owner or tenant may replace their sidewalk with a brick sidewalk as long as it meets all of the current City, State, and Federal codes and regulations. This work will be reimbursed at the same funding levels as all other sidewalks through this program.

Are residential apartments eligible for funding?

Apartment complexes are eligible for funding for sidewalks located along public streets. Sidewalks within an apartment complex are not eligible.


I live on a corner lot, am I eligible for additional funding because I have two frontages?

The funding levels in this program are the same regardless of the size of the project.

I have an undeveloped lot that I plan to develop at a later date, am I eligible to receive funds from this program to build a sidewalk?

No. New construction where sidewalks are required are not eligible. This means that where new developments are being constructed, the property owner is required to install a sidewalk and is therefore responsible for those costs. However, where a property owner owns an undeveloped property, such owners can receive funds under this program so long as the undeveloped property remains undeveloped for at least one (1) year after completion of the sidewalk project. Should the owner of such property develop their property prior to completion of the one-year period, in violation of this provision, the property owner will be responsible for repayment of the full amount of the grant they received. If such property owner received funds through a loan, then the full amount of such loan shall become immediately due and payable to the City of Beatrice.

Can I use money from this program to improve sidewalks that are located in my back yard, side yard, or which go to my front door?

No. The intent of this program is to improve sidewalks located along public streets. Other sidewalks throughout the property that are not along a public street are the responsibility of the property owner to improve and pay for.

Who do I contact for more information?

Community Development Department at (402) 228-5250. Applications may be found at the Community Development Department at 205 North 4th Street, or online.

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