Welcome to Beatrice! We are the county seat of Gage County, located in Southeast Nebraska. Beatrice is located at the intersection of State Highway 4 and U.S. Highways 77 and 136. Approximately 40 miles south of Nebraska’s capital city of Lincoln, Beatrice is home to approximately 12,500 citizens.

The Beatrice community has a superb quality of living amenities including an excellent school system, ample recreation venues, and activities including hiking and biking trails, theaters, good medical care with a new state-of-the-art hospital, historical sites and attractions, community celebrations, and much more.

The area is rich in culture and history. The Homestead National Park, located in Beatrice, tells the story of Daniel Freeman, the "first homesteader" who settled in our area in 1863 after President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act of 1862. Since then, thousands of others have chosen to "stake their claim" in Beatrice – as residents, professionals, and business owners.