City Attorney


The City Attorney provides general legal assistance to the Mayor and the City Council, its members and subcommittees, and the City's administrative staff.  Services include the preparation of formal and informal opinions and advice and preparation of ordinances and resolutions, contracts and other legal documents.  The City Attorney also provides legal advice for the Planning & Zoning Commission, Library Board, and Board of Public Works.

The City Attorney's Office handles traditional municipal legal matters such as: land use, contracts, personal injury, zoning, and responds to citizen queries on related matters.  The legal aspects of personnel, civil service, and management-labor issues in the City are also the responsibility of the City Attorney.

Legal representation is provided in litigation arising from claims by or against the City, including representation in cases involving contracts, code enforcement, eminent domain, land use litigation, and employer-employee matters. However, lawsuits against the City for personal injury or property damage are generally handled by the City's insurance carrier and outside counsel retained by the insurance carrier, not the City Attorney. Legal representation is provided in all criminal proceedings involving violations of the Beatrice City Code and the Beatrice Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. The City is further represented by the City Attorney in Civil Service disciplinary hearings and other adversary hearings before City appeals boards and state and federal agencies and boards.  Activities of outside legal counsel retained to represent the City in matters involving litigation are coordinated by the City Attorney.

Mission Statement

To provide the legal representation and advice to the city officers and departments; to prosecute and defend actions for the city, its boards, commissioners, officers and employees; to prosecute all misdemeanor cases arising out of violations of city ordinances.