Mow-To-Own Program


The purpose of the City of Beatrice’s Mow-to-Own Program is to get vacant, underutilized residential lots throughout the City into the hands of owners who will put forth the effort to maintain them. The Program will make it possible for new owners to take ownership of these empty residential lots owned by the City for a fraction of their market value at no monetary cost to the new owner.

Through the Mow-to-Own Program, interested parties can gain ownership of a piece of real property after proving that they will maintain it. Homeowners living adjacent to a vacant city-owned lot will have the opportunity to expand their current property or, alternatively, an individual or a developer looking for a lot to build on could acquire a vacant city-owned lot, so long as they maintain it and follow through with building on it.


Anyone primarily residing in Gage or a surrounding county is able to use this program, so long as he/she

  • Does not owe delinquent real estate or personal property taxes; and
  • Has had no property maintenance, nuisance, building, and/or zoning code violations within the previous thirty-six (36) months; and
  • Has kept any/all accounts with the City of Beatrice Board of Public Works in good standing.

The only requirement of the prospective owner is that he/she must maintain the lot and continue to meet the conditions listed above. Maintaining the lot shall include mowing and snow removal, as well as any necessary weed management or tree trimming.

Priority shall be given to owners of property adjacent to the vacant lot. If more than one adjacent property owner is interested in acquiring a lot, then the lot may be split between the two adjacent property owners. In the event that no adjacent property owners are interested in a lot, it will then become available to other companies or individuals who are interested in building on the lot.