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Linda Koch

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The City of Beatrice strives to be open and honest when it comes to our spending.  Open Budget is a new tool used to communicate the City's budget in an easy-to-understand way to our citizens.  With Open Budget, you will be able to see where the City's money is coming from, where it's going, and what projects you as citizens can expect to see done in the upcoming years.  


The City of Beatrice, Nebraska Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are available for you to view.  If you have any questions, contact Linda Koch via phone or email.


2015 Annual Report acrobat

2014 Annual Report acrobat

2013 Annual Report acrobat 

2012 Annual Report acrobat 

2011 Annual Report acro 

2010 Annual Report acro 

2009 Annual Report acro 

2008 Annual Report acro 

2007 Annual Report acro 

2006 Annual Report acro 

2005 Annual Report acro 

2004 Annual Report acro 


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