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Hike and Bike Trails

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The City of Beatrice offers over four (4) miles of community trails throughout the City suitable for biking, walking, or jogging.  The City also maintains approximately sixteen (16) miles of trails between Beatrice and Cortland, Nebraska.  The trails are well-marked and groomed, and are frequented by residents and visitors alike.  For maps of the trails, see Hike and Bike Trails.

Parking Areas

  • Chautauqua Park, 9th Street and Grable Avenue
  • Riverside Park, Sumner Street and Pleasant Street
  • Water Park, 12th Street and Scott Street

Trail Markers


  Not only are the trail markers a great way to keep track of how far you  

  have walked, they may also serve as an important role for emergency

  workers.  The markers are basically an addressing system, just like you

  would find on any city street.  The trail markers you see are placed

  every tenth (.1) of a mile.  They are either blue with an "A", or orange

  with a "B".  In an emergency situation, your exact location can be

  determined by giving the dispatcher the color and number of the nearest

  trail marker.


A special thanks goes out to Gage County PATCH for donating the trail markers.


The trail connects numerous parks with amenities such as: ball fields, shelters, playgrounds, tennis courts, and benches. Thanks go out to Beatrice Boys Hoops, Noon Kiwanis, and Gage County PATCH for the donation of the benches.


Future of the Trails 

The City of Beatrice has applied for grants that would expand our current trail system.  One trail project would extend the Big Blue River Trail from the Water Park (12th and Scott) to Hannibal Park (1/2 mile East of 19th & Hoyt Street).  This project is scheduled for construction in 2016.  The City also recently applied for a grant to expand our trail system from the Water Park to Holmesville, Nebraska.




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