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Police Speaker Services


The Police Speakers Services can provide presentations on a variety of topics.  These presentations are part of a community awareness program by the Beatrice Police Department to educate and inform members of the public.  There is no cost for the presentations.  Please allow two (2) weeks notice to schedule a presentation.


For more information or to schedule a presentation, call or email Sergeant Wes Henning, at the Beatrice Police Department, (402) 223-4080.


Available Topics

Personal Safety

Crime Prevention


Personal Safety for Women

Domestic Violence

Safety on the Internet(parents/pre-teen/high school

Firearm Safety

Wheel Safety

Effects of Distracted Driving

Personal Safety for Adults

Traveling Safety

College Campus Safety

Don't Drink & Drive


Survival Knowledge Quiz and Discussion

Fraud and Identity Theft

Crime Prevention thru Environmental Design

Victim's Rights & Services

Phone & Email Scams

Shoplifter Prevention and Apprehension

Dangerous Drugs Awareness and Effects

Regulations for Employees of Liquor Establishments

Meth 360

P.O.P and Vehicular Restraints Discussion

Your Police Department

K-9 Unit Presentation

Law Enforcement Working with the Community

Police Officers/Community Helpers

The Role of SWAT in Society

Becoming a Police Officer

Internships with the Beatrice Police Department

Police in Schools

Personal Safety


Personal Safety for Women (20-60 minutes) – Chief Lang or Officer Soldo
Safety tips for women. Not how to fight, but how to break free and avoid a confrontation.


Domestic Violence (30-60 minutes) – Captain Lamkin or Officer Heminger
Identify causes of domestic violence, power, and control tactics used by the batterer, identify barriers to safety for women, and identify reasons why safety planning is critical to help keep victims safe.


Safety on the Internet(parents/pre-teen/high school) (20-30 minutes) – Sergeant Murphy
One of three different types of internet safety presentations for children and adults of all ages.


Firearm Safety (20-30 minutes) - Officer McCormick

How to handle firearms safely.


Wheel Safety (20-30 minutes) – Sergeant Coon 
Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters. Learn the proper safety equipment, clothing to wear, and rules of the road.


Effects of Distracted Driving (15-30 minutes) – Officer McCormick or Officer Gill
How cell phone use, stereos, and other distractions inside and outside of the vehicle, make us unsafe drivers.


Personal Safety (20-45 minutes) – Officer Lauenstein or Officer Price
Learn how to keep yourself and your property safe.


Traveling Safely (20-30 minutes) – Sergeant Carver or Officer Moss
Learn how to keep yourself and your property safe while you are away.


College Campus Safety (30-45 minutes) – Officer Soldo or Officer Chisano
To help in ensuring safety on campus this course will help to familiarize you with safety tips to help raise awareness and provide you with some of the tools necessary to avoid being a victim of a crime.


Don't Drink & Drive (20-60 minutes) – Officer Whitfield
Will cover topics of drinking and driving and effects of alcohol use while driving.


 Crime Prevention 


Survival Knowledge Quiz and Discussion (20-30 minutes) – Sergeant Carver or Officer Maloley
Challenge your knowledge of personal safety and crime prevention, with discussion on how to keep yourself and your property safe.


Fraud and Identity Theft (20-40 minutes) – Sergeant Murphy
What you can do to lessen your chances of being a victim of this fast-growing crime.


Crime Prevention thru Environmental Design (20-45 minutes) – Investigator Byrne
Things you can do to your home & yard to reduce your chances of being a victim of crime.


Victim's Rights and Services (20 minutes) – Mrs. McGrury
You have rights as a victim! Discussion about victim's rights and services available to them.


Phone & Mail Scams (20-60 minutes) – Investigator Byrne
How to spot and prevent scams over the phone and through the mail.




Shoplifter Prevention and Apprehension (20-45 minutes) – Officer Maloley
Shoplifting prevention, suspicion, apprehension, and prosecution for the business owner.


Dangerous Drugs Awareness and Effects (20-30 minutes) – Officer Chisano or Officer Lauenstein
Drug use trends, what to look for when you suspect someone is using drugs, and long term effects of drug usage.


Regulations for Employees of Liquor Establishments (30-60 minutes) – Lieutenant Oliver
Employee awareness of the rules and regulations for maintaining a liquor license and working for a liquor establishment.


Meth 360 (20-40 minutes) – Sergeant Coon
This presentation is co-delivered by law enforcement, prevention personnel, and treatment professionals and covers an overview of meth, its manufacture, distribution and use, and stories of real life meth experiences, as well as the impact of meth on families and communities.


P.O.P. and Vehicular Restraints Discussion (20-30 minutes) – Officer Klaus or Officer Gill
Discussion on P.O.P. restrictions and also required restraint usage – ages, seating locations, child seats, etc




“Your Police Department” (20-60 minutes) – Captain Lamkin
Discussion about the duties and day to day functioning of the Beatrice Police Department.


K-9 Unit Presentation (20-60 minutes) – Officer Chisano and Toro
Inside look at the K-9 Unit training and use of the Police Service Dogs within Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement Working with the Community (20-60 minutes) – Sergeant Henning or Officer Price
Discussion on how law enforcement and the community can work together to reduce crime and keep the community safe


Police Officers/Community Helpers (20-60 minutes) – Officer Klaus
Geared toward young audiences about what Police Officers/Community Helpers and what we do, discussion includes duties, uniform, general safety rules, etc...


The Role of SWAT in Society (20-60 minutes) – Officer Heminger or Officer Moss
Discussion on what role Special Weapons and Tactics takes in Law Enforcement


Becoming a Police Officer (20-60 minutes) – Sergeant Henning
A discussion about the processes of becoming a police officer with the Beatrice Police Department. This presentation details the hiring process, salary and benefits information, training process, and discussion about the everyday work of a Beatrice Police Department officer.


Internships with the Beatrice Police Department (20-30 minutes) – Officer Gill
A discussion about the process of becoming an intern with the Beatrice Police Department. This presentation details the hiring process, responsibilities, learning opportunities, expectations, and meeting school requirements.


Police in Schools (20-60 minutes) - Officer Lauenstein or Officer Price

With several changes in society, there hsa been a growing trent in law enforcement in schools across the nation.  This is no different in Beatrice, Nebraska, however, we have had a School Resource Officer program for 15 years.  This presentation covers the role of a School Resource Officer in the Beatrice Public Schools.


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