Police Department

Steve Bragg

Steve Bragg

Contracted Animal Control Officer

To report an animal complaint or suspected violation,

please call the Beatrice Police Department Dispatch,

(402) 223-4080.

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
(Steve is on call to assist the Beatrice Police Department

after hours and weekends as required)


Steve Bragg was awarded the Contract to be the Animal Control Officer for the City of Beatrice to enforce the ordinances governing the care and keeping of domestic and wild animals in the City of Beatrice effective February 2, 2009.  Some of the duties of the Animal Control Officer are to: 

  1. Protect the citizens from dangerous or hazardous animals;
  2. Investigate reports or complaints of dogs, cats, or other animals creating nuisances and take appropriate action;
  3. Promote responsible pet ownership;
  4. Ensure the safe capture and handling of animals including injured and stray animals;
  5. Capture and impound small domestic animals found running at large within the corporate limits of the City in compliance with the Beatrice City Code;
  6. Investigate complaints concerning violations of the City’s animal ordinances and take such steps as are necessary to administer and enforce said ordinances;
  7. Investigate complaints concerning animal abuse and neglect and take appropriate actions; and
  8. Collect and properly dispose of small dead animals (except domestic livestock) found upon city streets, alleys, avenues or other property owned or controlled by the City.  In most cases, if requested by property owners, the Animal Control Officer will collect dead non-domesticated small animals for disposal.

The Animal Control Officer will also respond to emergencies assisting the Beatrice Fire and Rescue and Police Department personnel with bites, vicious strays, injured animals, and suspected rabies cases. 


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