Public Properties

Planting the Parks


Trees are an important part of our community. Trees cool the streets and city, conserve energy, prevent soil erosion, provide habitat for wildlife, increase property values, and much more. The City of Beatrice is initiating a Tree Program to encourage residents of Beatrice to plant trees. The City experiences tree loss each year and together we can to keep our City’s tree canopy healthy.


The City of Beatrice, together with its partners Exmark, Keep Beatrice Beautiful, and Westlake Ace Hardware, will plant a tree on City property for every tree a resident of Beatrice purchases and plants within the City. The City’s Public Property Department has developed a list of approved trees species and locations for the trees to be planted. The resident may request, subject to the City’s approval, where the City’s tree is planted.


This program is available for all property (residential, commercial, and industrial) located in the City of Beatrice.  The City of Beatrice will fund this program through the City Budget and donations.


A property owner or tenant may participate in this tree program by buying and planting a tree on their property within the City of Beatrice. The owner or tenant then submits a receipt for the tree, a photo of the tree after it has been planted, and an application to participate in the City’s tree program. The City will purchase another tree to be planted on City property of the owners/tenants choice.

All properties located in the City of Beatrice shall be eligible for participation in this program. Participation in this program will be based upon the order in which requests are made, first received, first funded basis.



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