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How To Use 9-1-1


Act Promptly In An Emergency


Seconds count in an emergency.  When fire, police, or medical emergencies occur, 9-1-1 can help save precious time.  It can mean saving a home, property, or even a life.  When you have an emergency in Beatrice or Gage County, simply dial 9-1-1. It is easy to remember and your call will be answered by a specially trained Telecommunication Operator, who will provide you with assistance in your emergency.


How To Use 9-1-1


Dial 9-1-1.

When the operator answers, tell them which emergency agency you need, describe the emergency, and give them the exact location where help is needed. (ex. 1212 Maple Street, 12th & Grant, 200 block of North Pine)


When Should You Dial 9-1-1


9-1-1 should be dialed when an ambulance, fire unit, sheriff, or police officer is needed at a particular location.


How 9-1-1- Works


When you dial 9-1-1 your call is received by a Telecommunication Operator in the Police Department who is responsible for processing your call.  The operator determines what agency is needed, and what type of emergency you have.  The priority of the call will determine the response time in which the call will be dispatched.


Telephone Number Displayed


As an added safety feature, your telephone number is displayed when the Telecommunication Operator answers your call. This provides greater protection for residents because it enables the Telecommunication Operator to call you back if in the excitement you neglect to give all the necessary information to obtain assistance.  Knowing the telephone number of an emergency call can help the operator track down the location of the call, should the caller be unable to talk.  9-1-1 is to be used for emergency purposes only.  For other fire, police, ambulance or sheriff's office non-emergencies, please use (402) 223-4080.




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