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  1. How do I apply for a position with the Beatrice Police Department?
    • Testing for Police Officer positions is normally conducted as necessary.  Applicants may request an application from the City Clerk's Office.  You may also download the application online
  2. What can I do about cars and trucks parked in front of my house?
    • In Beatrice, vehicles parked on city streets for longer than a 24 hour period is prohibited by city ordinance.  By calling in the location and description of such an automobile, the Police Department will come out, check to make sure the vehicle is not stolen, confirm it is properly registered, and mark the vehicle's tire.  The vehicle will be checked again in 24 hours to see if it has been moved.  If the vehicle has not been moved, a citation may be issued to the owner of the vehicle.
  3. Should I install a burglar alarm in my home?
    • Having an alarm system installed is a matter of personal choice.  Some people consider an alarm to be a deterrent to would-be-thieves. Others feel that the alarm gives them added security when they are home or away.  Alarm systems vary in cost, depending on what type of detection system is employed. Some components are readily available at home improvement centers for "do it yourself" installation.  Many licensed alarm companies are listed in the phone book.
  4. Why do two (2) officers respond to alarm calls?
    • All alarm calls are considered to be real.  The possibility of one or more persons committing a burglary is a high risk call and requires two (2) or more police officers to protect the officers, secure the premises, and safeguard occupants, if any.  Our Police Dispatchers will routinely dispatch two (2) officers to any alarm call. The police officers may request additional help if the circumstances or location warrant it.
  5. What can I do about speeding vehicles on my street?
    • Call the Police Department's non-emergency number, (402) 223-4080, and ask to speak with a Supervisor.  Explain your situation.  Your complaint will be recorded and efforts will be made to monitor the traffic in your area.
  6. How does traffic radar work?
    • Simply speaking, a radar device sends out a radio signal which bounces off the approaching vehicle and returns to the device which determines the speed of the vehicle and displays it in miles per hour to the operator.  The radar "guns" have built in calibrating devices to insure their accuracy.  They are tested each day they are in use.
  7. When I call 911, how does the dispatcher know where I live?
    • The 911 system is set up that the address and telephone number of the caller is printed out on a screen as soon as the dispatcher answers the call.  In the event the caller hangs up prior to speaking with the dispatcher, the caller's information is still locked into the 911 system and is retrievable by the dispatcher.
  8. If I have been involved in a collision, and want a copy of the Police Report, what can I do?
    • In most situations, you will be provided a copy of the police report at the scene of the accident by the officer handling that call.  Copies of reports may be obtained from the Records Division of the Police Department.  There is a copy charge if you want a copy of the report.
  9. Sometimes in my neighborhood, I see things that are out of place, or unusual, or people who are "suspicious".  I don't really feel comfortable with calling the Police.  Can you tell me about the procedure?
    • At any given time, there are officers on the street.  The Beatrice Police Department counts on the more than twelve thousand sets of eyes from our citizens, to alert us to unusual situations.  Any time someone calls, a dispatcher will take the information, ask questions, decide on what/whom to send, and the urgency of the call.  We will respond to every call for service, though obviously the less important calls may take some time to get to.  All calls to the Beatrice Police Department are confidential.  Remember, IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, USE 911.  For non-emergency calls, please use (402) 223-4080.
  10. My neighborhood seems like a speed trap, with police officers working radar a lot.  Don't they have more important calls to take care of?
    • Collisions, particularly injury collisions, are a serious concern to all of us.  We strive to work a balance between all of our responsibilities, including traffic enforcement.  Our aim at using radar is to reduce the speed of the vehicles traveling the roadway, and bring the average speed of cars using the road down to a safe level.  Excessive speed was a factor in many of these accidents.
  11. I keep getting these annoying "hang-up" type phone calls, where nothing is ever said.  It is driving me crazy!  I don't want any prosecution.  I just want the calls stopped.  What can I do?
    • Call the Police Department.  We will probably have an officer respond to talk to you, and he or she will evaluate the situation at that time.  Court rulings have established that "hang-up" type calls, alone are not sufficient for prosecution.  The phone company can take other action, however, based on their own investigation.  The Police Department may also be able to stop the problem just by talking to the person(s) responsible for making the calls.  Call us, and we may be able to help.
  12. I have had several phone calls from people representing themselves as police officers, calling and asking for donations for this and that.  Are the callers really police officers?  I would like to help, but is sounds "fishy" to me.
    • The Beatrice Police Department does not solicit for donations, however, some private organization which have police officers as members do.  If you have any questions about solicitations, call the Police Department prior to committing to any donations.


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