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PRESS RELEASE - Flood Damage Permit Requirements - 3/25/19


The Engineering Department assists with nearly every project from conception to implementation for the City and BPW.  The Engineering Department's involvement may be simply providing maps or the location of utilities in a particular area, or it may include designing and project management. 


The Engineering Department can copy, plot, and scan various maps for the public upon request.  For pricing, please contact our office (402) 228-5211.


Utility Locations & Depth

Our office has maps showing the approximate location of existing water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer mains within the city limits.  We also have sanitary sewer main plans and profile drawings to show the depth of most sewer mains.


Stormwater & Water Quality

The City of Beatrice is in the fourth year of a five year permit for Stormwater.  We have trained contractors, worked with City & BPW Departments, and setup stormwater requirements for small sights less than an acre through the Building Inspections Office and larger sites are required to have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to control erosion.  The City has started testing five (5) locations on the Big Blue River and Indian Creek for water quality.  We have also started testing stormwater runoff quality.


Drainage Issues

The City Council has passed an ordinance requiring anyone developing land to site retain the difference between historic and developed stormwater flows from their site.  Other than the site retainage ordinance, the City has no other drainage ordinances.  Drainage is a civil matter between adjacent properties.  Our Department is willing to review problems and make recommendations to solve drainage problems.


Flood Plain

The Engineering Department has the FEMA firm maps for the City and will shoot elevations at no cost to the residents to compare to the 100 year flood elevations upon requets.


Subdivision Plats

The Engineering Department has a full set of subdivision plats for the entire City. We can copy these plats upon your request.  For pricing, please contact our office, (402) 228-5211.


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