Street Department


Adequate public roads provide for the free flow of traffic, protect the health and safety of the citizens of the City, result in lower cost of motor vehicle operation, increase property values and generally promote the economic and social progress of the City.


Funding for the department comes from two main sources Highway Gas Tax Allocation and City Sales Tax. The Highway Gas Tax Allocation provides over sixty percent (60%) of the Department's annual budget. Gas Tax Allocation is compiled as follows:


Fifty percent (50%) comes from the total population of the incorporated municipality, as determined by the most recent federal census figures certified by the Tax Commissioner.


Thirty percent (30%) comes from total motor vehicle registrations, other than proprate commercial vehicles, in the incorporated municipality, as determined from the most recent information available from the Department of Motor Vehicles.



Twenty percent (20%) comes from the total number of miles of traffic lanes of streets in the incorporated municipality, as determined by the most recent inventory available within the Department of Roads.


The portion of the City Sales Tax that the Department receives is thirty percent (30%) of first one percent (1%) of City Sales Tax and is entirely dedicated for street improvements and maintenance programs as approved by the voters to support the roads and bridges within the city limits. These monies are vital for the maintenance of street surfaces and the upgrading of streets due to changing traffic flows.  Without these funds the department would be hard pressed to maintain a viable street program.  No local property taxes are used to support the street improvements and maintenance program.


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